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Endless Experimenting

MR Fan Ho, a celebrated Chinese photographer recorded the most beautiful scenario of the 50s and 60s Hong Kong with his talented monographs skill. our second chapter pays tribute to Fan Ho’s photography. The construction, the mood, and as well as the portrait of human under his camera, inspired us to create a clear color blocking collection. as a continuation of chapter I: Kowloon Walled City, we keep the loose-fitting silhouettes, the well-finished tailored details, and asymmetrical disorder. This collection is comparatively more minimal. With the study in the development process, we bring in some Chinese elements from the 60s fashion, including the Chinese button knotting and embroidery. The materials are selected to be more strong and rough, as, under Fan Ho’s camera, there are most likely lower-class people with scruffy outlook. the colorway is customed by extracting the greyscale from the studies and adding some blue and brown, with the dying process to manipulate the best fabrication result.

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